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  • What's New?!

    That's right! We are teaming up with businesses, schools, and other community locations in order to hold our amazing Group Training Classes near you! Have the perfect spot?! Contact us to set up sessions at a time and place convenient for you! Remember - Stay up to date by following us on Facebook!

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  • November 3-Wk Series

    October is nearly over! That means it's About Time to start planning your November Sessions! Email us for help on enrolling in the Nov. 3-Wk Series!

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  • It's About Time!...

    It's About Time you found a new, fun, and affordable way to work out! About Time Fitness is here to help you find time for your health and fitness goals. Our programs are all 60 minutes or less which is perfect for any busy schedule - and great for both men and women of all ages and fitness levels!

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  • Professional Training

    By offering Group Training, Personal Training, Wellness Coaching and Nutrition Sessions with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, we have the answer to all your fitness and nutrition questions.

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It's About Time To Try This!

We provide the training YOU are looking for!

Whether you are new to fitness, getting back into a routine, or looking to change up your current workout, About Time Fitness is here to help you with YOUR fitness goals. With 7 different ways to train in a group environment, you'll receive twice the benefits of Personal Training all at a fraction of the cost! Check out our safe and effective cardio, strength, Yoga, cycling, and dance infused classes at a variety of times throughout the week. Plenty of off-street parking, showers and childcare available!

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