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We’re Moving!

That’s right!  We’re bringing our services TO YOU! - It’s About Time!
We understand the difficulties of having to fight traffic in the opposite direction of home in order to participate in your favorite Group Training Classes, so let us help to reduce your stress and time on the road while also helping you with your health and fitness goals. Please contact us at GetFit@AboutTimeFitness.com if you are interested in hosting a weekly class, or if you know of a location we can gather weekly!

We have secured 2 locations to hold classes for our November 3-Week Series taking place Nov. 3-23. Additional sites, classes, and times will be added monthly as we secure other locations. Please check out the schedule below taking special consideration to note the location.

Please email us to enroll in the Nov. 3-Wk Series (Nov. 3-23): GetFit@AboutTimeFitness.com



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